Welcome to my JRN 340 Blog

So many of you may be wondering why I’m writing this blog or why you are even looking at my blog. Well here’s the answer; this semester I have the opportunity to create this blog for my Journalism 340 course and showcase some of the projects we will be working on over the semester.

My name is Anastazia Hartman. I am a Journalism student with a concentration in Public Relations at Central Michigan University. For the past eight years I have played hockey and it has become an important part of my life. I have been a member of the Central Women’s Hockey team for the past three years and I am also the team manager and social media coordinator for the Central DII Men’s Ice Hockey team.

My dream job is to work as a social media coordinator in the public relations department for the Detroit Red Wings.  Hockey isn’t my only interest though. As much as I would love to work for the Red Wings, I also have an interest in working for the Detroit Tigers or possibly makeup company called Anastasia Beverly Hills.

I believe that Red Wings and Tigers are great organizations. Both organizations are actively with the community and their fans and that is something I would love to be a part of and I would be proud to help continue molding their brand.

Anastasia B.H. is also a wonderful company that is against animal testing.  The company focuses on making sure they do not test their products on animals and they take pride in making sure that all of their products are meeting the demands of their customers.

Overall I am extremely excited to continue my journey as a journalism student and share my work with all of you!


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