Fitness on the Rise

Fitness… When hearing the word fitness most assume that means just hitting the gym for an hour. But for these three Michigan State University students fitness is more then just “hitting the gym”. Each have embarked on a journey for different reasons, a fitness competitor looking to become a professional fitness model and trainer, a future doctor looking to just stay healthy while in school and a freshman continuing to train in hopes of becoming a MSU Spartan football player.  With living a healthy lifestyle  becoming more common these students share their experiences.


Junior Lauren McBroom has found a way to balance being a student and working to become a professional, but McBroom find ways every day to make sure she stays on track in the gym and with classes.  McBrooms love for fitness has played a factor into her decision to study Kinesiology, with hopes to go into nursing or physical therapy as well as becoming a certified personal trainer. McBroom has trained for the past four years and is slowly making her way to her dream of becoming a professional fitness model.  McBroom’s first competed in the National Physique Committee Bikini category back in 2015 placing fifth overall.  After she was hooked,  she competed again in September of 2016 in the Ultimate Fitness Events Fitness Model category.  “It isn’t always easy balancing a busy course load, gym and meal prep but it is something that I enjoy so I’ll keep going until I reach my goal.  The greatest thing about fitness is there is no finish line.”

The National Physique Committee (NPC) is an amateur organization for those starting out in the competition world.  There are many different categories such as bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique.  This is where many of the top fitness athletes have begun their fitness journey’s and then continued on to other professional leagues.

Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) is competitions showcasing the accomplishments of athletes and again putting them another step closer to their dreams. Athletes can compete in categories such as fitness model, bikini, women’s fitness, glamour. women’s physique, figure, men’s muscle model and finally men’s bodybuilding.  Each of these categories  have unique differences and force athletes to train their bodies a certain way to compete.




Michigan State University junior Renell Shisha, studying clinical psychology.


Richmond, Michigan native Andrew Hamel played football in high school and came to Michigan State hoping that his hard work in the gym will pay off when receives his opportunity to try out for the football team.  “The most difficult part of training for a sport you don’t play anymore is making sure you stay motivated so when and if the opportunity comes you’ll be ready to hit the field running.”


As students may focus on competing or living a healthy lifestyle there are those who want to help other begin their fitness journeys. Those people are personal trainers.  Mt. Pleasant native Jose Vasquez is a personal trainer who has helped people begin to better themselves.  In an interview Vasquez said, “the most rewarding part is watching people progress and learn from the training sessions. Helping them to get to the point that they can go off on their own.  I love educating clients on proper form and the correct ways to create programs that will benefit their health and their goals.”  Vasquez’s advice for anyone looking to become a trainer would be to “step outside the box, be bold and different.  There are hundreds of trainers out there. You have to make yourself stand out to get people to come to you.”

For those interested in becoming a personal trainer, the process is quite easy.  Choose a certification, choose a speciality, make sure you are willing to invest the time and money, study hard, find a place to work, make sure to have insurance and to practice what you preach. ( information from )



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